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Welcome to ex.gamest.com. It is a public welfare website which serves for players and avoids players wasting the resources. In our website, you can exchange the extra game gold to the other game gold what you want.

1. On the left, you should choose the cards what you own. You need to select the game and server what you need, and then fill in your numbers.

2. On the right, you should choose the game gold what you need. You need to select the game and server, and our system will tell you how many game gold you can exchange, and even will tell you how long you should cost.

3. After placed an order, please contact with our customer service and tell them your order number, because our customer service will contact you to complete the transaction.

4. If you have the game currency or items, please tell our customer service.

5. If you want to sell the game gold to use instead of exchanging, please contact with our customer service directly, they will tell you the price.

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